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CAUTION: Door Knocker Season is Here

Each summer, out of town alarm companies send out people to communities across the country to go door-to-door and persuade homeowners into purchasing a new alarm system. These people, while appearing friendly, have been found to use deceptive sales tactics and often misrepresent themselves and the companies they work for.

Examples of these questionable sales tactics:

Door knocker
  • Stating they are working with your current alarm company
  • Explaining that you have an outdated system
  • Offering to ‘give’ you a new yard sign
  • Claiming they only have one free system left
  • Telling you that “your neighbor” said to stop here
  • Using inaccurate statistics about crime in your neighborhood

If you encounter one of these sales people, or if you have any suspicions, do not sign anything or make any decisions.

This is what you can do to protect yourself:

  • Ask for their peddler’s permit/license, by law, they must show it to you.
  • Research the company online.
  • Call the police department’s non-emergency number at 507.328.6800 or go online to report the incident.
  • Inform the Better Business Bureau.
  • Do not let them into your house.

Steps to protect from scam

We are the only local monitoring company in the area. Custom Alarm prides itself on selling home security systems in an honorable and dignified manner. We do not use deceptive and high-pressure sales tactics to recruit customers.   

Here is what to expect from Custom Alarm:

  • We ALWAYS properly identify ourselves with Custom Alarm apparel and badge.
  • Friendly, kind and professional.Customer with Custom Alarm Sign
  • Customer service comes first, doing what is best for the customer.
  • Pre-scheduled appointments- we will show up when we are scheduled.
  • Verification- you can always call us to verify the person at your house isone of our employees.
  • No pressure- we will never pressure you into a decision or make you feel unsafe.


Custom Alarm is a family, locally owned business celebrating 50 years of providing peace of mind; we are not affiliated with any other alarm companies. If you ever have any questions about your current system or services, or would like to upgrade or make any changes, please give us a call anytime at 507.288.5522 or use one of our many features on our website including Live Chat or click the button below for your free Security Consultation. 

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Posted by Custom Alarm on May 21, 2018 9:30:00 AM

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