Video Surveillance

Keep an Eye on What's Happening

Custom Alarm offers many types of camera and video solution systems for you home. Our consultants can meet with you to go over some of our solutions, which include traditional hard wired video systems as well as “wireless” IP cameras. Custom Alarm also offers doorbell cameras which allows you to screen visitors as well as deter any individuals from stealing packages off your door step. No matter which system you choose, you can count on being able to view your home cameras from a mobile device using our secure platform.

Some of the most common camera placements for your residential home include:

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  • Front Driveway - Know who is coming and going onto your property.
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  • Interior of Garage - You have many valuables in this area to be monitored.
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  • Backyard - Make sure to protect your points of entry from burglars by deterring them with a camera placed here. 
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  • Keep an eye on kids - Whether you have a pool, trampoline or other outdoor activities, keep an eye on what is happening outside.
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  • Pets - Place a camera in your house to keep an eye on your furry loved ones while you are at work or away.

Know who is coming and going onto your property. Receive alerts, notifications and view live video feed all from the palm of your hand from anywhere. 

Make sure to protect your points of entry from burglars or teenagers sneaking in and out by deterring them with a camera placed on the back of your house by doorways. Also, keep an eye on your children in the backyard as they play. Pool in the backyard? Make sure they are safe by checking in on them while they cool off in the summer heat. Elderly loved ones looking to maintain their independence? Use cameras to check in on loved ones.

The garage is a place where many valuables and toys are kept. It is also a place that can be broken into easily without someone noticing right away. Keep an eye on the valuables inside your garage. 

Get Started with Your System Today in These 5 Easy Steps

We have a simple and easy process to build a customized solution to fit your exact needs. Bringing you the peace-of-mind you deserve!

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  • Free Consultation | Fill out the form or call us at 507-288-5522 and we will schedule one of our security consultants to come to your home.
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  • Tell Us More | Your security consultant will listen to your wants and needs.
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  • Walk Through | Your consultant will walk with you through your home to survey what will work best and help keep you protected and connected.
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  • Choose What's Best | We give you options for you to choose what works best for your needs and your budget.
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  • We Install, You Enjoy | Our professionals will install the devices and train you on how to use your system. Then you enjoy Peace-of-Mind as we monitor 24/7. 



Can I receive a notification of when a camera began recording?

Yes, with some of our video platforms, you can receive a notification sent to your phone making you aware if it was a vehicle, person or animal that activated the camera recordings. You will also be able to view the footage in a matter of seconds!

Are the cameras recording all the time or just on motion?

We typically install cameras to record just on motion. In doing so, this saves the amount of clips or video footage used with your system.

Do the cameras have IR so they can be viewed during night-time hours?

Yes, any exterior cameras we install will have IR that ranges between 15’-100’ depending on the model camera we use.

Do the wireless cameras affect my Internet speed?

Yes, when installing some of the wireless cameras, your internet speed may be reduced as it does use the bandwidth. However, we can install additional equipment to help minimize this by creating our own “network”.

How much download speed do I need to have from my Internet Service Provider?

We typically suggest between 3-5 mbps of both upload and download speed per camera.