Custom CARES


We live and work in the community, giving back is part of the Custom Alarm way of life. Which is no surprise because Leigh J. Johnson (founder and chair-emeritus) and Melissa Brinkman (CEO) are very involved in the Rochester community and surrounding areas. They both volunteer their time on a variety of boards and support many organizations, personally and professionally.

Custom Alarm encourages staff to participate in local events, serve on boards, and to be active members in the community. Custom Alarm has also been a Minnesota Keystone Program member since 1993. A program that recognizes companies who contribute at least 2% and up to 5% of their pre-tax earnings to the community.

Our Custom Cares committee is made up of employees who want to help make a difference. They truly believe in the causes and work many non-profits and other organizations do on a daily basis. If you feel your organization is aligned with our values, purpose, and mission, please fill out the request form.

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