Access Control

Go Keyless So You Can Protect More

Custom Alarm can help you protect your business by installing an Access Control System. We can help you control who enters your business and at what times they may enter. As physical keys are becoming something of the past, we will show you the advantages of having a system using key fobs, cards and even smart device credentials. Our web-based platforms allows the end user to remotely manage and monitor your facility by granting users permissions and allowing them to lock or unlock doors from their smart devices.

Custom Alarm has expertise in providing access control systems in some of the following environments:

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  • Assisted Living 
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  • Memory Care Facilities
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  • Government Buildings
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  • Office Buildings
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  • Financial Institutions
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  • Apartment Complexes
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  • Many other commercial settings

Increase the ease of access for employees by giving employees a key fob.  Assign authorization to them to enter an area or specific doors. You can customize who can enter which doors, allowing you to have some areas more secure if needed. 

You will have data at your fingertips to see who entered your building and at what time they did so. This is beneficial if you notice an employee leaving late, or arriving late regularly. It also can help with looking at the flow of the building, which entrances are used more often and whether or not you need to make adjustments. 

Set up a schedule, you can have your door "locked" outside of normal business hours and "unlocked" during regular hours. This helps protect against unwanted visitors or solicitors.

Do you have multiple buildings to manage? We can provide you access to multiple buildings through the same system. Traditionally, different buildings require different physical keys. However, when using an access control system, you can issue one key fob to a staff member to gain access into multiple buildings. This in turn cuts down on the cost of producing hard keys. 

Get Started With Access Control.

Our professional team works hard to put together a customized access control solution to fit your needs and your budget.

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  • Listen | Our professional security consultant will sit down with you to listen and discuss your needs. 
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  • Site Visit | Our team will visit your site to determine the equipment needed.
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  • Design | We will design a customized access control system to fit your needs and your budget.
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  • Install | Our professional technicians will install the access control system and train you on how to use it.
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  • Protect & Monitor | Be protected 24/7. You can manage the system yourself or have us help.



What happens if someone loses their key fob or card? 

Through our access control platform, you can easily disable the key fob making it no longer capable of being used to enter a building. This helps in not having to “re-key” doors which is typically what would occur.

Is it possible to get email or text notifications of when someone enters a building?

Yes, we can help you in setting up notifications to alert you when someone enters a door, when a door is held open longer than allowed, or if a door was attempted to be opened by someone that does not have authority.

Is it possible to "lock-down" the doors immediately if there were a specific event?

Yes, we can set up different lock-down methods using push buttons or tasks that will allow you to do this while on the premise or outside of the facility.

Is there an App that I can have on my phone to lock and unlock doors?

Yes, we do have a remote-control management system that can allow you to lock and unlock doors right from your phone.

What doors are commonly tied to an access control system? 

Any door can have a reader or keypad to enter. However, the most common are exterior doors, IT rooms, or any other entrance into an area that you would like to control entry into.