Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Protection 

Custom Alarm is your local professional fire alarm provider. Our in-house staff can help you from the beginning of a project by designing the system to meet your needs all the way through to testing and annual inspections of your system.

Custom Alarm works with a plethora of vertical markets. We have advanced knowledge on designing fire alarm systems for:

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  • Apartments
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  • Warehouse & Storage Buildings
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  • Manufacturing Facilities
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  • Schools
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  • College Campuses
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  • Healthcare Facilities
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  • Many other commercial workplaces

Our team's NICET Certified Advanced Systems Engineer and Life Safety Consultants can work with you directly, your architect or engineer to design and put together a specification of a fire alarm product to meet your insurance requirements and local fire codes. 

We have a dedicated team of NICET Certified Fire Alarm Technicians trained on a variety of fire alarm systems to ensure your system is up to code. 

We monitor all fire alarm systems via radio, cellular, or phone line through our Monitoring Response Center. Monitoring of fire alarm systems is a requirement for all fire alarm systems installed on a premise. 

Our fire alarm inspection team can help in conducting the mandated fire alarm inspections and ensure all reporting documentation is accurate, submitted and any repair recommendations are annotated. We work with you to coordinate the least amount of interruption in your business minimizing disruption to your employees, customers and/or residents/students.

How We Will Custom Design Your Fire Alarm System.

Our professional team works hard to put together a customized Fire Alarm System to fit your needs.

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  • Listen | Our team will sit down with you to listen and discuss your needs. 
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  • Site Visit | Our team will visit your site to determine your business' fire security weak points along with other factors to determine the equipment needed.
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  • Design | Our Advanced Systems Engineer and Life Safety Consultants will design a customized Fire System to meet your needs.
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  • Install | Our dedicated licensed Fire Alarm Technicians will install the fire alarm system to ensure it is up to code.
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  • Protect & Monitor | Be protected 24/7. We can provide monitoring of your fire system through a range of methods.



Do I need to have an electrician install my fire alarm system?

No, your fire alarm system install is considered a low-voltage system. Our licensed technicians all have the necessary certifications to install the system. The only time an electrician is needed is to provide 120VAC power for the fire alarm control panel.

Do you work with Architects and Engineers to put together specifications for mandated systems?

Yes, we have a professional relationship with a number of local and regional A & E firms to put together a specification in order to meet the NFPA-72 Fire Alarm Code.

Do I need to have a phone line in order to monitor my fire alarm system?

No, traditional analog POTS lines are no longer required. We have different forms of communication using radio, cellular and IP methods.

If I have a sprinkler system, is it required to have a fire alarm system?

Yes, any sprinkler system is required to have basic sprinkler monitoring which is done by installing a fire alarm system. We will install modules to monitor the sprinkler flow switch as well as the sprinkler tamper valves to ensure your system is up to code.

Is it a requirement to have an annual inspection of my fire alarm system?

Yes, NFPA-72 states all buildings that have a fire alarm system must be inspected annually by a licensed technician to ensure it is in good working condition.