Home Automation

Make Your Home Work For You

Custom Alarm does much more than install your traditional security system. As we roll into the era of Home Automation, be sure to ask your consultant about how we can provide you with powerful home automation devices to adapt to how you live in your home.

With our home automation system, you will be able to manage all of your devices as well as your security system from one platform. From one app you are able to arm or disarm your security system as well as open the front door for a guest, check cameras, control your lights and much more.

Some of the devices we use to incorporate with your security system include:

  • DoubleCheckMark
  • Smart Home Locks
  • DoubleCheckMark
  • Automated Thermostats
  • DoubleCheckMark
  • Smart Light Switches
  • DoubleCheckMark
  • Garage Door Control

Receive a notification when your child comes home from school and is able to “unlock” the door with their unique code. Rather than using traditional hard keys this automated lock is a common fix for front or garage service doors to eliminate the need for a “spare” key that can be found by an intruder.

Save time and money by installing one of our smart thermostats. When no one is home you can turn the air a few degrees warmer and before leaving work kick it down to enjoy a comfortable temperature upon your arrival. Better yet, set a schedule for what you would like your temperature to be at during the day. 

Use some of our switches to control indoor and outdoor lighting. These simple switches are installed to be used with your interactive application to allow you to control your home lighting while not being home! Giving you the "lived in" look while you are away. 

Have you ever wondered if you closed your garage door after you left? This module allows you to open and close the garage door from your smart device as well as receive a notification if it is "opened" for an extended period of time. 

Get Started with Your System Today in These 5 Easy Steps

We have a simple and easy process to build a customized solution to fit your exact needs. Bringing you the peace-of-mind you deserve!

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  • Free Consultation | Fill out the form or call us at 507-288-5522 and we will schedule one of our security consultants to come to your home.
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  • Tell Us More | Your security consultant will listen to your wants and needs.
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  • Walk Through | Your consultant will walk with you through your home to survey what will work best and help keep you protected and connected.
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  • Choose What's Best | We give you options for you to choose what works best for your needs and your budget.
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  • We Install, You Enjoy | Our professionals will install the devices and train you on how to use your system. Then you enjoy Peace-of-Mind as we monitor 24/7. 



Do you have to have a new house to enjoy home automation? 

No, the majority of our home automation systems can easily be installed in existing homes as they use wireless technology. We can install locks, thermostats and change light switches in your current home very easily.

If using wireless technology, will it bog down my home WiFi?

This common thought is not true. Our automation devices are "Z-Wave" capable and though are wireless, use a different frequency to communicate. The devices will communicate through your security system and not necessarily your home internet service. 

Can I set up schedules for my automation devices?

Yes, thermostats and lights can be set up on a schedule to adjust temperature or to turn on lights based on any schedule you would like to use. For instance, if you want your outdoor lights to turn on everyday from 8-10PM you can do so by setting up a schedule in your remote interactive application.