Markets Served

Markets Served



Most of your assets are tied up in equipment, livestock, barns, feed, and other items you need to complete your daily activities. Wouldn’t it be comforting to know that everything is secure and protected? Tools provided by Custom Alarm can notify you when doors to barns, shops, or outbuildings have been left open, provide you with video surveillance to know what is going on at the barn when you are out in the field, and alert you to any potential safety risks such as fire, water, or extreme temperature changes or power outages. Whether it's livestock or equipment, let us help you keep them protected.



As banking regulations are ever changing, we have partnered with a number of manufacturers that will allow us to provide you with the most innovative and cutting edge security solutions available. Just as you protect your customer’s wealth and investments, we can provide you with a technologically advanced system, such as fire, access, video, and intrusion, to protect your investments, customers and employees.


Commercial Office

Cybersecurity and password protection is vital in commercial and retail locations, but do you have the best “physical” security system? We can help in protecting your physical assets such as; computers, servers and other equipment that hold sensitive information. We can provide fire alarm system solutions, controlled access to important areas within your building, help you manage and control temperature and lighting as well as provide “extra eyes” with our advanced video surveillance systems.



How our children are learning and the environmental setting in which they learn is ever changing. Not only do we understand the need to keep our children safe, we partner with manufacturers dedicated to cutting edge solutions and respond to the constant changes in technology and the needs to provide a safe learning environment.

We have the knowledge and experience in order to do so. Parents, students, and faculty members can feel safe with intercom, access control, remote services, fire alarm systems, video surveillance, and other lockdown options.



Your facility has many people coming and going as well as it is home to many staff, confidential records, and other valuable assets. We recognize you want to keep people and property safe and secure and what that looks like continues to change. At Custom Alarm, we have all the products and knowledge to help you protect what matters most with solutions to adapt as your needs change. Customized integrated solutions to meet all the stringent code requirements and regulations at the local, state, and/or federal level. Not only can we help you get your system up and running smoothly, we also have Security as a Service Plans (SAAS) which can help you set a budget to minimize unexpected costs. 



The people in the community depend on the healthcare you are able to provide for them, they want to know that you are there for them 24/7. Custom Alarm provides security solutions that work around-the-clock so you can focus on what matters most, your patients. We have access control systems that can limit and grant access, advanced fire alarm systems to protect each wing and room of your facility, and mass notifications to ensure the safety of everyone in the building, while helping you provide a warm and welcoming environment. When you think safety, think Custom Alarm; we are here to help!


House of Worship

Maintaining an open and welcoming environment is a challenge for every religious organization in today’s ever-changing environment. Custom Alarm offers integrated solutions to help you meet the challenge whether you are a small chapel or multi-location worship center. We help you protect the safety of your congregation, staff and visitors—providing Peace of Mind while also protecting your facilities against incidents that disrupt worship and the risks of uninvited visitors such as fire, water, and other potential safety risks.



With production costs rising and employee theft costing American businesses billions of dollars a year, loss prevention is more important than ever. Custom Alarm is equipped to meet and exceed the security challenges that exist in large industrial environments. We can provide you with the best solutions to protect your property, inventory, employees, and help reduce inventory shrinkage. We offer ways to help safeguard your operations against the threat of vandalism, theft, fire, and other hazards.


Multi-Tenant Housing

Multi-tenant housing environments such as; condominiums, apartments, or low income properties must have security to protect their residents. We can develop a strategy and find a solution for some of the most common problems these buildings face. Security for this industry can consist of fire alarm, access control and video surveillance systems. These systems can help to identify who can enter the building with key fobs, view common areas such as gyms, laundry rooms and lobby areas with a video system as well as protect the occupants in the event of fire. 


Restaurants and Bars

People come with family, friends, and associates to socialize, dine, enjoy a drink, or just to spend time in the atmosphere. However, in order to provide a safe and welcoming environment you may need to take additional steps in security. Video surveillance, access control, advanced fire alarm systems, and temperature-controlling devices can be helpful tools to prevent food spoilage, lawsuits, employee theft, and accidents. Custom Alarm, now serving security your way.



Whether you operate a clothing store, unique boutique, or supermarket, the bulk of your investment is tied up in overhead and inventory. Securing your company from theft and unauthorized transactions is key to your success. Video surveillance, advanced fire alarm systems, access control, and intrusion systems are steps in the right direction to protect your inventory, employees, and drive profitability.



Our local and national infrastructures have become a top priority over the last decade and Custom Alarm wants to help secure your facility, sub-stations, and power plants. With features that grant access to certain areas at given times, collect video clips, and provide records of entry; you will never miss a beat with a security and fire alarm solution from Custom Alarm.