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We are a security-minded company putting you in the driver’s seat; we listen to what you say and create a custom system to fit your needs. We are a community-focused company that believes in giving back to the communities in the surrounding area. We know to have a great company you need to have great services, which is why we have our own locally monitored response center right in Rochester, MN, where we have been since we started in 1968.

We’ve Been Great since 1968

We’ve Been Great since 1968

Where were you in the year of 1968? Were you working? Raising a family? Playing with the original “Hot Wheels” as a child? Or maybe you weren’t even a glimmer in your parents’ eye? Our founder, Leigh J. Johnson, was in his basement in Rochester, MN creating this great company, which we know today as Custom Alarm. A company that started out small and now proudly has more than 65 caring employees committed to taking care of our growing customer base. A company that not only provides security solutions for home and business owners, but offers custom solutions to fit any size, budget, or needs. Custom Alarm teams up with you for all your fire, intrusion, video surveillance, access control, and so much more.

Melissa Brinkman

Melissa Brinkman, eldest daughter of Leigh J. Johnson, officially started her career in the security industry when she and her husband moved to Rochester in December 1998. Before moving back, Melissa spent several years in management positions in the hospitality industry. The decision to relocate back to where Melissa grew up, was based on the desire to find a good community in which to raise a family, Rochester was a natural choice.

Melissa Sign

Since starting in the ‘family’ business in 1998, Melissa has held various positions within the company from marketing, to sales manager, business development director, and customer services manager. Most recently she was Chief Operating Officer before Leigh J. Johnson, founder and CEO at the time, announced his retirement and Melissa’s promotion to CEO in February 2014. In the 15 years leading up to her promotion she moved throughout various departments and was committed to learning as much as possible about the security industry and Custom Alarm; while focusing on taking care of the customer.

Local Feel, Real Deal

Local Feel, Real Deal

All of our dedicated employees take pride in working for Custom Alarm; no one wants to see a neighbor, friend, or family member unhappy with a security decision they made. We live and work in the communities we protect, providing top-notch services is a must, and we are committed to making it right.

While we may not be big in size, we are big at heart; we care about all of our customers and it shows through every interaction. We are a highly qualified company with 52 years in the industry; we have virtually seen and done it all. We have created custom solutions for homes and businesses of all sizes; helping us to grow and develop into the very knowledgeable and versatile company we are today.

What Others Are Saying

Though the focus and business operations of our organizations is different, the fashion in which we relate to the communities we serve is nearly identical. Each places a priority on providing a personal, exceptional experience for its customers… Read Full Quote

– Jeremy Salucka, Marketing and Communications,
Olmsted Medical Center


Like old friends, Olmsted Medical Center (OMC) and Custom Alarm have known each other for years. The two organizations have similar origins: OMC began in 1949 as the solo family-medicine practice of Hal Wente, MD, in downtown Rochester’s former Lawler building. Custom Alarm was started in 1968 as a residential and business security company in the basement of its founder and retired CEO, Leigh J. Johnson. Over the years each has supported the other’s efforts to grow in service to southeast Minnesota’s residents.

OMC Regional Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Olmsted Medical Center, has been particularly lucky to have had Leigh as a past board member, a former board president, and the event chair for the Foundation’s annual FORE! golf tournament. Custom Alarm also is one of the loyal sponsors that has supported the FORE! event every year since it began in 2004, and has been instrumental in helping the event evolve into southeast Minnesota’s premier charitable golf tournament.

OMC also benefits from current Custom Alarm CEO Melissa Brinkman’s service on its board of trustees. Melissa, who is Leigh’s eldest daughter and who has worked at Custom Alarm in various capacities since 1998, assumed leadership of the company when her father retired in 2014.

Though the focus and business operations of these organizations is different, the fashion in which they relate to the communities they serve is nearly identical. Each places a priority on providing a personal, exceptional experience for its customers. Each is proud to call southeast Minnesota home. And each is grateful for their continued partnership, the benefits of which are far, far greater than anything either organization could do alone.

– Jeremy Salucka, Marketing and Communications, Olmsted Medical Center

Custom Cares

We live and work in the community, giving back is part of the Custom Alarm way of life. Which is no surprise because Leigh J. Johnson (founder and chairman) and Melissa Brinkman (CEO) are very involved in the Rochester community and surrounding area. They both volunteer their time on a variety of boards and support many organizations, personally and professionally.

Custom Alarm encourages staff to participate in local events, serve on boards, and to be active members in the community. Custom Alarm has also been a Minnesota Keystone Program member since 1993. A program that recognizes companies who contribute at least 2% and up to 5% of their pre-tax earnings to the community.

Our Custom Cares committee is made up of employees who want to help make a difference. They truly believe in the causes and work that many non-profits and other organizations do on a daily basis. If you feel that your organization is aligned with our values, purpose, and mission, please fill out the request form below.

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Your Privacy Is Our Priority

What is doing business without privacy? It’s not business. At Custom Alarm we want you to understand that we greatly respect your privacy and we take pride in preserving the information that you have shared with us. Information that we collect is for communication and to ensure you have the best possible service. We will not share, sell, or otherwise distribute the financial or personal information of our customers. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding our privacy policy, please call us at 507.288.5522.

Security. We Take It Seriously

Security. We Take It Seriously

We recognize the importance that to not only say we take security seriously, but to aligning ourselves with professional security associations. We operate not to just meet expectations but to exceed them, allowing us to carry the highest credentials in the industry, providing ‘Peace of Mind’ to all of our customers.

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