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Protect your family and your home with the latest technology in Security, Video Surveillance, Home Automation and Life Safety devices. Stay connected and protected no matter where life takes you and rest easy knowing your home and those in it are protected. 


Take advantage of this special offer to protect your home from potential water damage. Be the first to know when water is detected in locations it shouldn't be. Basements, under sinks, washing machines, etc. This little device will send you a notification so you can take action to stop the damage. 


Simply fill out the form, and one of our security consultants will provide you with a FREE in-home estimate. If you choose to go with Custom Alarm for your home security, you'll receive 2 free water/low temperature sensors.


Already a customer? No worries, buy one sensor, get one free!


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  • Your in-home security estimate is FREE.
  • All security packages are customized to fit your needs.
  • Purchase from us by the end of April 2023 to receive this special offer.

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