Video Surveillance

Keep An Eye On Your Business

Custom Alarm offers many types of camera and video solution systems. Our Advanced Systems team can provide you with the right equipment to allow you to keep any eye on your business all while protecting your assets. Our camera systems provide footage that can be viewed from your office or from a mobile device using our secure platform. The video management software will allow you to review previous footage and download to other employees or agencies. Our scalable solutions which range from analog to IP cameras and simple DVR's to networked recording systems allow us to design a system that can protect any facility whether large or small. We also offer remote health monitoring and cloud connectivity to manage cameras and video files to meet your needs.

Custom Alarm has expertise in providing video surveillance systems in some of the following environments:

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  • Assisted Living & Memory Care Facilities
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  • Healthcare Buildings
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  • Construction/Jobsites 
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  • Government & Office Buildings
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  • Financial Institutions
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  • Apartment Complexes
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  • Schools & College Campuses
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  • Many other commercial settings

Our high resolution cameras provide better clarity and allow you to clearly see what is taking place. These cameras will help deter theft and vandalism while reducing loss. 

Keep an eye on your business from anywhere and make sure productivity stays up. Review any potential slip and falls or other work-place injuries ensuring there is a safe work environment and easily verify how any potential accidents occurred. Not only do cameras allow managers to view productivity levels, but they can also be used for training review. 

Monitor and keep an eye on your business from anywhere at anytime. View live feed, receive notifications and alerts and be in the know when something happens. You have the ability to stay connected and be protected if something happens. 

Get Started With Video Surveillance for Your Business.

Our professional team works with you to put together a customized Video Surveillance Solution to fit your needs and your budget.

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  • Listen | Our professional security consultant will sit down with you to listen and discuss your needs. 
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  • Site Visit | Our team will visit your site to determine the equipment needed.
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  • Design | We will design a customized video surveillance system to fit your needs and your budget.
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  • Install | Our professional Advanced Systems technicians will install the video surveillance system and train you on how to use it.
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  • Protect & Monitor | Be protected 24/7. You can view and monitor your business from anywhere at anytime.



Do the cameras record just to the one Network Video Recorder (NVR)? 

Traditionally, video footage does record just to the storage drives of a recorder. However, we do also have offerings using cloud services that could send the recordings externally in case the NVR is vandalized.

If I have existing cameras, can we reuse them?

The majority of our systems are capable of utilizing existing cameras. However, we do find the resolution and additional features of new cameras does make the return on your investment a little more worth-while.

If I have multiple buildings on one property, do I need to have multiple recorders?

Not necessarily. We utilize wireless point-to-point solutions which allows us to efficiently install one NVR in most instances.

Can I view the cameras from my smart device?

Yes, all of the camera systems we install do offer an application that can be viewed from your phone. In doing so, you can view live footage as well as record playback from the cameras.