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Why Choose Access Control?

When it comes to securing your business, the right security partner offers you more than your basic intrusion and fire protection. They not only secure your space, but also help ease the daily operations at your business.

Access Control is a business/building security solution which proactively protects your premises. Card access & mobile access solutions allow you to free yourself from the weight of all those keys.

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Access Control vs. Traditional Door Locks

Access control 

  • Consists of electronic door locks, programmed to unlock with the use of individualized key cards or fobs.
  • Allows business owners to program & specify who is authorized to access which areas of the building at what times. Screenshot 2023-11-30 at 12.03.14 PM
  • Program doors by time- doors open for public access during the day and can lock automatically outside of business hours.
  • Proactive security measure allows employers oversight of employee activity.
  • Full control over the systems programming- administer new access, revoke existing access, lock & unlock doors on site, you can even do this from a mobile app.
  • Higher level of security than traditional locks.
  • Provide peace of mind to employees & visitors.

Traditional Door locks

  • Clunky keys
  • Lost/stolen keys
  • Changing locks
  • Collecting keys from past employees
  • No automated control/physically have to lock/unlock
  • No monitoring ability

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Access Control for Your Business

Access Control systems can secure buildings of all sizes, from one door to hundreds of doors. From a small office building to large schools, healthcare buildings, apartment complexes, financial institutions and more.

Take a look at the different benefits Access Control offers:

  • Employees arrive at 6:00 am and the business opens at 7:00 am. The access control systems allow employees to enter building starting at 6:00am via their keycard or fob, but the front door doesn’t open until 7:00 am for the public entrance.
  • The CEO & Human Resources manager or the IT closet have confidential files or critical items in their office. Place a card reader on these offices and allow access to only those allowed to enter.
  • Offer specific individuals who may need access 24/7 to certain doors by giving them specific access via their keycard.
  • The ability to lockdown the building when needed from anywhere.
  • View activity logs and see who is entering/existing when and where. Know when an employee tries to enter a secure area they don’t have access to.
  • The ability to see who was the last to enter a specific area in case of a crime or emergency.

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For over 55 years, Custom Alarm has been providing commercial security solutions of any size. From intrusion and fire alarm systems to access control and video surveillance we are your local experts. Our team of security consultants, engineers, professionally trained technicians, and our customer support team work closely with businesses of all sizes to meet their individual needs. The safety of our local businesses, schools, buildings, and people are our top priority. If you are looking to add access control to your building, we’re here to help every step of the way.

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