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Seven-Time Best Places To Work Recipient

We were recently recognized by Workforce Development Inc. with the title of “Best Places to Work in Southeast MN”, for the seventh-straight year.

The purpose of the program is to recognize some of the best employers in our local area and provide vital information to companies about the practices they use to attract and retain employees. Each company participating was required to complete a 40-question survey that allowed their employment practices to be analyzed by the consulting firm of Personnel Dynamics Consulting of Florida. The data was measured on parameters as: turnover, rate of growth, promotion rates, employee evaluations and feedback, percentage of employee injured, diversity of management, benefits offered, training expenditures, paid days off and increase in pay.

“I am super proud of our company, culture, employees and what we do to foster a positive work environment that has been recognized for the 7th year in a row as one of the Best Places to Work in SE MN,” states Custom Alarm CEO Melissa Brinkman. “We had a record busy year and continue to focus on how we can make this the best place for people to choose to work and do their best every day! It can be challenging at times to compete with larger companies and provide competitive and comprehensive benefits, growth opportunities and strong overall compensation packages, but we are proud to invest in our employees and invest in providing the best we can to attract and retain the best people in southeastern Minnesota to be on our team! We learn how to be better each year by learning what other ‘Best Places’ recipients are doing at their business and how we can potentially incorporate some of those ‘best practices’ here at Custom Alarm. We are committed to being the best place to work for our employees and to take care of our customers." 

Custom Alarm excelled again in many areas throughout the 40-question survey, which led them to receiving this great honor. Some areas where Custom Alarm excelled was in training of employees, the number of employees trained, the hours spent training and on employee benefits. 



Posted by Custom Alarm on Jun 5, 2023 1:40:43 PM

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