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How to be Security Minded with Social Media

Do you panic when you don’t have your phone? Would you be lost without it? The average smartphone user checks their device 47 times a day. Cell phones and social media impact many aspects of our lives, with 85% of users checking their device while speaking with friends/family. While we love to be connected, are you aware of what you or your children are doing on social media?

Here are some important reminders to be keep you and your family safe when using social media:

Password Security

The first item to online safety is password strength. Avoid using family or pet names, anniversary dates, birthdates or anything that is easily discovered. Instead use phrases, at least 15 characters long including #’s, upper and lower case and symbols. For extra security, don’t use the same password for each account and change your password periodically.

If someone unwanted gains access to your account, they have the ability to get personal information not only on you but your family and friends.

Showing Off Your Purchase

Holidays can be a perfect time for photos and sharing your latest, greatest purchase or present you received, but what you are really doing is advertising that to any potential burglar. This is an invitation to burglars to pick your house, they already know what’s inside before they even try to go in. You should make a strong effort to avoid sharing with the world. Are you having a party or family/friends over to your home? Make sure to express your caution on taking photos with your belongings in the background. Ask them to refrain from posting online.

Time for Vacation

This is a very common occurrence. The countdown to vacation, where you are going, you just can’t wait you want the world to know! Before you leave, 59% of travelers posted a status about an upcoming vacation, 60% share photos while on vacation and an astonishing 97% of Millennials share photos while traveling. Vacation is an exciting time and you may not be able to help yourself from sharing your excited. Hold on to those memories and be in the moment while on vacation. Save the fun and experiences for when you return. The information can get in the hands of the wrong person and they will know your house is empty for them to make their move without someone inside.

Teens and Social Media

An estimated 80% of teenagers ages 13-18 have their own social media account. Knowing what your children are using and how they are using the different social media platforms is important for their safety. Don’t think that telling them they can’t do something will stop them, instead work with them to educate them on the importance of online safety. Discuss the dangers of posting vacations, pictures of themselves, their latest gadget or their opinion on someone at school. Be sure they understand your concern for their safety and the family’s safety.

Not sure what all these different social media platforms are? Here’s a quick snapshot of common Apps teenagers are using and what they do, provided by the Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office. 

Teens and phone Apps


Step Up Your Home Security

Protecting what you post on social media is a great step towards safety and security for you and your family. Step up your security and ensure your home and family is safe with a home security system from Custom Alarm. Local, reliable and protecting homes and business’ for over 50 years. Custom Alarm can provide you with a solution to fit your needs, from basic security to home automation. Stay connected with access to your video surveillance remotely from anywhere at any time. Be protected, stay connected; your family deserves it.  

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Posted by Custom Alarm on Dec 17, 2018 9:10:00 AM

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