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Five Home Security Misconceptions

Custom Alarm has been protecting homes and businesses for over 55 years. It’s no coincidence that Custom Alarm has not only survived but thrived and grown throughout the years whether preventing burglary or alerting local authorities of a fire - professional security solutions are life saving systems. Despite the importance of these systems, there are many security misconceptions that are spread. These misconceptions can prevent homeowners from investing in a professional system to protect their homes.

Here is a list of five common security misconceptions:

  1. My Neighborhood is Safe.

Whether you believe your neighborhood is safe or you’ve lived there your whole life, doesn’t mean there isn’t risk. Traditionally homes and neighborhoods considered “safe” may be at greater risk than others. Burglars are looking for homes likely to have valuable items. They are looking at what is the risk/reward of this home or neighborhood. Burglars are aware these are considered “safe” neighborhoods and realize people might not be protected, making it an easier target for them.


  1. I don’t have anything valuable to protect.


A very common misconception is that people don’t feel they have enough valuable items to make it worth investing in security. You don’t have to have high price items to be a target. Your average items in homes can be something burglars look for, TV’s, laptops, tablets, cell phones, jewelry, firearms, etc.

The most valuable items in the homes are those who live in it. Your family, pets and the home itself. A security system doesn’t always mean to protect from burglary, but also to protect from fire, carbon monoxide poisoning, water damage and other life safety measures. A monitored home security system allows you peace-of-mind knowing no matter where you are, your home and those in it are protected by professionals.


  1. I have Pets to alert me and protect me. 


You may have a fierce looking dog at home or one that barks at the site of a person walking by but those won’t always deter someone who has already decided to make a move on your home. Neighborhoods have become accustomed to barking dogs, meaning if your neighbor hears the dog barking it won’t alarm them that something may be going on when you are away. Many dogs can be swayed with treats or stop the barking when the person enters the home. Burglaries tend to happen during the day when the homeowner is away, a barking dog won’t help alert you if you are not at home.

Think about protecting your pet with a professional security system that will keep them safe from burglars but also from fires and carbon monoxide by alerting you at the first moment of potential danger to your home and pets.


  1. Security Systems are too expensive & for “Big” homes.


Technology has advanced and times have changed. Security has become more accessible to the average homeowner. There’s also not a one size fits all when it comes to security. Custom Alarm looks at each homeowners’ individual needs, what they are looking for and builds a customized solution to meet those needs, figuring in costs along the way. You can do as little or as much as you need and add on along the way. Professional monthly 24/7 monitoring of your security system can cost less than one night on the town or a trip to the grocery store these days.

Looking at it from a cost standpoint, consider the costs of a burglary, home fire or flooding, these can be very costly both financially and emotionally. Protecting your home is worth it.


  1. I can install a camera or security myself- DIY.


DIY Disaster-1

The classic, “I don’t need a professional, I can install these devices myself” attitude. We’ve heard it, we’ve seen it and it isn’t the way to go when it comes to your homes safety and those in it. The placement of the devices requires experience most homeowners do not have. Consider where to place a motion detector or a camera to capture the right movement or image needed, then the wiring and setting up with the system and training. Installing life safety devices can change the safety of your home. Performing these tasks yourself without the understanding and experience of these devices can lead to excessive false alarms, poor coverage and a system that fails when you need it.

Another thing to consider when it comes to “DIY”, even the latest of these devices are not engineered to the same standards as those provided by professional security companies. When you hear about cameras or systems being hacked these are almost always DIY devices.

It is best to leave a task like this to a professional. There’s a reason Custom Alarm has been doing this for over 55 years and the customers understand and value the expertise they get from choosing a professional company.


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Our team of security consultants, engineers, professionally trained technicians, and our customer support team work closely with homeowners of all sizes to meet their individual needs. If you have been contemplating a home security system, we are here to help you every step of the way.  Learn More About Home Security


Posted by Custom Alarm on Jan 8, 2024 10:45:00 AM

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