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Choosing a Commercial Security Partner.

Running a successful business can be a challenging task but partnerships can play a crucial role in the success of the business. The goal of these partnerships is for the growth and success of the business

One crucial partnership that may be overlooked and not thought of as a partnership is the security provider. From protecting the business 24/7, to helping manage access, controlling environmental aspects and monitoring for safety issues.

While there may be several security providers out there, finding the one that is right for your business needs is important to the success of your business. Some may come in provide the materials and get your business set up and leave, not providing any type of ongoing service. There are other companies who discuss your needs, provide you with the security and continue viewing their customers as partners.

Why choosing a Security Partner is the Successful Approach to Your Business:

Understanding the specific needs of a business

Choosing a company that takes the time and listens to the needs of a business when it comes to security is crucial. Each business is different and what is needed for security is different as well. Being able to adapt and create a solution for each business is important to the safety and security of the business.

Providing Specialized Solutions

A true security partner will understand your needs and create a specialized solution with features specific to your business.

Intrusion: Motion detectors, glass break sensors, panic buttons and door contacts. Having the ability to control your system with remote interactive features from your smart device.

Access Control: Control the opening and closing of your business, safe-guard high value assets and restrict unauthorized entry and exit. Having an audit trail of reporting for users entering these areas. 

Fire: Designing code compliant systems to protect your facility.  24/7 monitoring to provide you with the quickest response if something were to happen. Utilizing wireless forms of communication that are sending more redundant signals.

Video Surveillance: Prevent vandalism, reduce break-ins, increase employee productivity and video documentation are all reasons to consider utilizing a camera system. You can focus on these areas and be able to view them from anywhere from your mobile device.

Environmental Sensors:  We can use environmental sensors to alarm when certain areas of your business drop outside of the given range (coolers, lab areas, etc.). We can also use these sensors to assist in protecting sprinkler systems when temperatures drop below a certain reading and leak. Be proactive before damage is done to the business.

Continued support

The benefit of finding a partner to help you with your security is having them optimize your security along the way. Helping you with questions, upgrading technology and repairing devices; these are all items a partner can take care of for you instead of trying to figure it out yourself while managing your business.

Choosing Custom Alarm to be your security partner

An important aspect to security is who is responding when something arises?

We believe in providing the best service to our customers and doing what is right because it is the right thing to do. We create a lasting partnership with your business and love to see our partners succeed.

Learn more about how Custom Alarm can partner with you for your business security needs. Click the button below, fill out the form, and we will start the conversation!

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Posted by Custom Alarm on Oct 18, 2021 3:58:29 PM

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