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Is your home ready for winter?

Fall and winter may mean shorter days and unbearable cold weather for most of us. But there's also something comforting about the need to hunker down and cozy-up by the fire.

At least, that's how it could or should be, provided you take some sensible precautions to protect your home and family from the challenges of the seasons. We've had a taste of the change in temperature and the fluffy snow we all love so much! If you haven't yet, don't forget to follow these steps. A proactive approach will be less costly than a reactive one.

Follow these five steps to prepare your home for the change in season:

#1 Store hoses and turn off outdoor water

Leaving hoses attached can cause water to back up in the faucets and in the plumbing pipes just inside your exterior walls. Once freezing temps arrive, the water could freeze, expand and crack the faucet or pipes.


#2 Clean your gutters

After the leaves have fallen, clean your gutters to remove leaves, twigs and other debris.

Clogged gutters can cause ice dams, which can lead to expensive repairs.

Сосульки на крыше

#3 Seal cracks around doors and windows

Seal cracks between trim and siding, around window and door frames and where pipes and wires enter your house. Preventing moisture from getting inside your walls is one of the least expensive of your fall maintenance tasks. You’ll also save energy costs this way!


#4. Get your furnace serviced

Schedule an annual maintenance appointment with a heating and cooling professional to get your heating system checked for the season. Change your furnace filters too, which should be done every two months. If you’re going to be using a wood stove or a fire place for heat or ambience, make sure you get the chimney cleaned. A chimney specialist will also be able to inspect for cracking masonry inside the chimney.



#5. Check smoke and CO2 detectors

Check all smoke and Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detectors throughout the house to make sure they are working and replace batteries. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, having working smoke alarm in your home reduces one’s chances of dying in a fire by nearly half.

Protect your home this winter with these five simple steps!

Custom Alarm can help with professionally monitored, wireless combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector, water sensors and much more with your security system. Providing increased protection and faster reaction to real danger while reducing false alarms.

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