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Custom Alarm Helps Rochester be A Litter Bit Better

At Custom Alarm, we believe in helping out the community that we live in, so this year we had a company wide initiative to help make Rochester A Litter Bit Better. We started out the day with a company lunch and then hit the trails for the rest of the afternoon to collect as much garbage as we could. To make things more interesting, we had a friendly competition to see which group could collect the most bags of garbage and the find the most unique item. Our winning team was the purple team and they collected a total of 12 bags of garbage bags. The most unique item that we found was a cat mask, which our administrative assistant modeled for us, but somehow we missed that photo opportunity. We truly enjoy helping out our community and this is always such a fun team-building event for us as well. To see more photos from our adventures, please visit the Custom Alarm Facebook Page. 

Custom Alarm Purple Team  Doing the Litter Bit Better Clean-up In Rochester MN Winning Purple Team 

Since A Litter Bit Better is a city-wide effort, we figured it would be nice to share all of the results for 2017. This year volunteers helped collect over 18,400 pounds of litter! That is a total of over 9.22 tons picked up by approximentaly 3,250 volunteers over 240 sites throughout the city (stats from May 2nd Press Release from Megan Moller at Rochester Public Works Department).

It just goes to show how much of a difference a community can make when everyone works together. To see more volunteer photos, please visit RNeighbors Facebook Page and if you are looking to get involved next year, visit for more information.

Litter Bit Better Volunteers


Posted by Marketing on May 8, 2017 8:00:13 AM

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