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My life is too busy to worry about...

Locking my doors, shutting my garage door, putting the bikes away, rolling up my car windows, locking my car doors outside, leaving packages on the front step... and so on. Does this sound like something YOU would say?  The good news is, you are NOT alone, the bad news is, you are NOT alone.

In today's fast-paced, always-on-the-go world we all live in, and some of us thrive in, we often overlook the simple things in our lives that can help keep us, our family, our valuables, and homes safe and secure. What can you do about it? A LOT!

A quick look at how you can do some simple things to provide Peace of Mind to you and your family:

  • If you have a car parked in the street or driveway, make sure windows are up and doors are locked.
  • If you had bikes, skateboards, toys, tools in the yard, bring them in to the garage. Thieves find easy targets with toys, bikes in the yard to take and they can keep on moving down the street.
  • Each night do a perimeter check on all your doors and windows before it gets dark, and/or before you go to bed.  Create a routine for someone each night to do this making sure you are all safe and secure in the house.
  • Don't leave your garage door open. It is an unwanted invitation to your house and anyone walking or driving by can see all that you have in there, including your cars and easy access to your house through, most-often, an unlocked door.
  • If packages or mail is delivered, find a way to bring it in the house as soon as possible. Set up notifications for delivery or look at a doorbell solution like Skybell or a keyless door lock is another solution for managing package delivery.
  • Change up your routine by adding automatic lights in and around the house and set up a schedule to have them turned on and off at different times.

A quick look at how you can invest in technology to help manage your life more easily, keeping you connected, safe, and in control:

  • Look at investing in a security system. They are designed today to tie in with automation in your home, bringing together convenience, safety, and control. They are designed to work from your cell phone or computer with text notifications or emails customized and sent as you wish.
  • Look at Zwave keyless, wireless locks for your garage and/or front door. Removes the risk of people losing keys or having to give them out to neighbors or kids, to help you when you are gone. Simply give them a code when you need their help and deactivate it when you don't.
  • Look at an interactive doorbell camera. This allows you to see and talk to any visitors at your front door, putting the control in your hands.
  • Look at a wireless indoor camera to see what is going on in and around your house. You can check in on your pets or kids or elderly loved ones any time of day or night and from anywhere your cell phone works.
  • Look at automatic light control for your lamps and outdoor lighting. Not only is this convenient in not having to walk around the house to turn the lights on and off each night, but you can set up schedules for home and away and different times of the year. Keep everyone guessing if you are home, out of town, or off to bed.

Be smart. Be safe. Look at what you can do today to protect your family from tomorrow's unknowns.



Posted by Marketing on Aug 30, 2017 10:29:25 AM

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