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5 Summer Staycation Ideas

Who doesn't enjoy family vacations? Vacationing doesn't always have to be time consuming.  No need to take extra time off of work or even leave the comfort of your own home. Here are a few ideas to save you money and time but still enjoy quality family time!

  1.  Camping

Find a local campground and pitch a tent for the weekend. Most campgrounds include outdoor activities providing ample entertainment for the duration of your stay including beaches, fishing docks, hiking trails, nature programs, etc... If you aren't that adventurous or have limited time available, pitching a tent in the backyard or living room will suffice! Microwave s'mores still taste delicious!

2.  Pool Party

Spend the day at a local pool, lake, creek, or outside at home! Creating homemade waterslides and jumping through the sprinkler are summer must-dos! Just remember to be safe, wear lifejackets, and lather up the sunscreen!

3.  Family Game Night

Dust off the board games, cards, and puzzles, order a pizza, and let the laughter begin! 

4.  Picnic

Drive, bike, hike, run, walk, skip, crawl, or dance to a beautiful spot in the shade. Pack up a basket or cooler and bring a blanket. Enjoy the weather, enjoy the company, and don't forget to look for the shapes in the clouds.

5.  National Night Out

Join the festivities on August 1st! There will be activities for all ages, great food, and a great sense of community. Want to get a sponsorship for your neighborhood? Submit your information here!

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