Jake Halloran

Residential Security Consultant


Time at Custom Alarm: 1 year


What do you like about Custom Alarm?

The people are like a family. Everyone knows each other's families and we all interact like we've worked together and have been friends for years.


What do you like about what you offer to Custom Alarm customers?

Giving them the peace-of-mind of knowing their home, and everything inside is safe.


What do you enjoy most about working with our customers?

Working together to find which devices gives them the solutions they are looking for. Being creative and bouncing ideas off of one another.


What makes Custom Alarm the right partner for customers?

We all work collectively to ensure the customers have the right information to achieve their goals of peace-of-mind. I want to have the relationship with my customers so if they see me in public with my family, I can be happy to see them and knowing they have the perfect system for their unique needs. 


What do you enjoy in your free time?

Spending time with my family, attending concerts and sporting events, watching sports, reading about sports, basically everything Minnesota Sports. 


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Jake Halloran

Security Tip: Make sure the batteries in your smoke alarm are good, don't wait until it chirps to change them! It's never fun to find a 9V battery at 3:00 am and try to find out which one is running low!