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Once again Rochester and Olmsted County will participate in Night to Unite (formerly National Night Out) on Tuesday, August 6 .

Night to Unite is a statewide event that builds and fosters community connections between citizens, businesses and public safety to promote safe communities. Previously called National Night Out, Custom Alarm is sponsoring the event for the Rochester Police Department and Olmsted County Sheriff's Office in what Minnesota calls Night to Unite

Tips for a Safe Night To Unite Celebration:

  • Talk to your neighbors and make a plan on how you would like to celebrate this year.
  • Plan for activities for people of all ages, food, drink, etc.
  • Supervise children's activities to avoid injury
  • Practice safe grilling and campfire.
  • Lock door and leave valuables at home if leaving and walking down the street. 
  • Have a blast and get to know your neighbors! 

How to get a $50 sponsorship for your neighborhood from Custom Alarm:

  • Plan to have a Night To Unite party in your neighborhood. 
  • Register your neighborhood party at
  • Commit to promote Custom Alarm as a sponsor and have Custom Alarm provided materials available for attendees. 
  • Submit information required via link below BEFORE July 26
  • We will contact the winners prior to your party to receive the $ and goodies to hand out.
  • Have fun and connect with your neighbors! 

 At Custom Alarm we believe in protecting what matters most and the community we live, work and play in is important, which is why we partner with local law enforcement to promote Night to Unite each year. We would love to help you celebrate in your neighborhood, register for a chance at $50 toward your event.

Register for $50 Sponsorship

Posted by Custom Alarm on Jul 8, 2024 3:57:26 PM

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